Rubber Window Gaskets

Rubber window gaskets can be found in a number of different applications and industries from house windows, car windows and pretty much any other application that has a window of some sort regardless of industry.

A lot of rubber window gasket manufacturers will use an extrusion process to produce the right type of rubber window gasket that you desire given your requirements and specifications. There are also a number of different styles of rubber window gaskets out there, each with their own advantages and disadvantages for certain applications, so knowing what you need and do not need is vital.

Four popular types of rubber window gaskets are trim seals, edge trim, rubber seal, and rubber locking gaskets. Trim seals are one of the quickest ways to prevent damage from outside elements and create a finished edge.

Rubber Window Gaskets
Rubber Window Gaskets – National Rubber Corporation

Within the trim seal category there are a number of different physical properties and options available based on what you require, including decorative designs and co-extruded seals to provide added support.

Edge trims are similar to trim seals as they provide a finished edge and also come with a number of options such as decorative options and even fire retardant properties. Rubber seals do more than keep weather out, they also add cushion to reduce the effects of vibration and work to stifle noise.

As with the other styles of rubber window gaskets, rubber seals also come with a number of different features and properties. Rubber locking gaskets are perhaps the most unique of the four examples given, as they provide a locking mechanism to hold them in place in your application, and they provide an extra form of support in sealing your window or door.

Whatever your application may be or style of rubber window gasket you desire, the right manufacturer will be able to supply you with a product that will fit your application and exceed your expectations.

Rubber Window Gaskets Rubber window gaskets serve the purpose of weatherstripping and weatherproofing windows through the use of rubber to seal the window into the frame. The weatherstripping process is used to describe the act of preventing rain or water from entering through problem areas of a window or door, but can also simply be used for insulation purposes.