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Viton gaskets are produced from high-performance fluoroelastomers with excellent heat resistance. Fluoroelastomers are synthetic rubber compounds with a fluorine content greater than 66 percent and chemical and heat resistance. Read More…

Viton Gaskets Viton gaskets are synthetic rubber sealing products manufactured by DuPont Performance Elastomers. Viton was the first fluoroelastomer; fluoroelastomers are synthetic rubber products that are usually characterized by a fluorine content of more than 66% and by their qualities of chemical and heat resistance. Viton was introduced in 1957 as a solution for aerospace industry applications.
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Laurel, MD  |  800-876-7325

Phelps Industrial Products is a major manufacturer, fabricator and distributor for a wide range of industries throughout the world. We employ a wide range of both computerized high speed and manual equipment to fulfill the toughest demands. We also have a wide range of compressed, elastomeric and non-elastomeric materials available. Since our founding in 1945, we have taken great pride in our ability to provide quality solutions for our customers’ needs.

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Phelps Industrial Products, LLC $$$

Carson City, NV  |  800-733-2648

REDCO is your complete source for molded gaskets or die cut gaskets, using a wide range of materials. We pride ourselves on just-in-time delivery and practice a "zero-defect" policy. Since our founding in 1948, it has been our goal to be a one-stop place for your gasket needs.

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REDCO Rubber Engineering & Development Company $$$

Grand Rapids, MI  |  616-538-4970

Since 1946, Kent Rubber Supply has been providing the industry with state-of-the-art gaskets. Leveraging the best equipment and the most skilled staff, we ensure we continuously meet our customers unique needs—both domestic and offshore. Our team is capable of prototyping, samples, low-run, or large-volume production. We are confident that our high-tech, industry-leading precision equipment can meet–or exceed–your needs.

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Kent Rubber Supply Co. $$$

Santa Fe Springs, CA  |  562-941-4800

RD Rubber Technology Corp is an ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100:2016 certified and ITAR registered company. We offer compression, transfer, injection and Liquid Injection molding, rubber to metal bonding, engineering support, tooling design, machining and more. Our customers rely on us to give them the best possible production gaskets. From aerospace to medical, food processing to military applications we build trust by being responsive to your needs.

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RD Rubber Technology Corporation $$$

Newport, MN  |  866-901-0014

High-quality gaskets and seals are our priority at PDI Gaskets & Seals. We offer a wide range of brands and sizes for our gaskets and seals, and we even offer custom options. We carry a wide line of products including soft gaskets, metallic gaskets, sanitary gaskets, gasket sheet, gasket tape, fiberglass tape, joint sealant, expansion joints, packing, absorbents, and o-rings. If there is a product you need but don't see on our site, please reach out, and we will find it for you!

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PDI Gaskets & Seals $$$

Bellmawr, NJ  |  800-210-5000

Mercer Gasket & Shim brings you quality custom gaskets, o-rings & expansion joints in a wide selection of materials, including rubber gaskets, ceramic fiber gaskets, viton gaskets, metal gaskets & many others. We pride ourselves on speed & flexibility, offering 24 hour service & 100% on-time delivery.

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Mercer Gasket & Shim $$$

Stuart, FL  |  772-286-9278

Manufacturer of standard and custom rubber gaskets, made of EPDM, neoprene, nitrile, dense, recovery sponge rubber and silicone compounds. Secondary processes such as die cutting, notching, and glue splicing are offered.

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Britech Industries $$$

Seattle,WA  |  800-537-9663

As a supplier of gaskets since 1977, Gardico is dedicated to customers in all industrial sectors needing standard & custom gaskets of superior workmanship. Gardico works with a variety of foam, fiber, felt, cork, plastics, metals & numerous other materials to meet all of their customers’ needs.

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Gardico $$$

Canonsburg, PA  |  866-672-8100

Whether your requirements for custom extruded parts are large or small, multi-dimensional or simple, our engineers will help in finding the solution to meet your needs here at National Rubber Corporation.

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National Rubber Corp. $$$

Franklin, WI  |  800-556-7188

CFS is an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturer of custom gaskets utilizing materials such as silicone rubber, EPDM, Poron®, Santoprene®, RN-8011 and Viton®. We can source the gasket material or use customer-supplied materials. Our in-house engineers will work with you to ensure the perfect fit for your custom gasket needs. CFS offers large format cutting, adhesive laminating, and kiss-cutting or split liners for your gaskets. Small runs are a possibility utilizing our dieless knife cutting capabilities.

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Custom Fabricating & Supplies $$$

San Fernando, CA  |  818-764-8222

Our team at Spira strives to bring you the best gaskets on the market. We exhibit our commitment to quality products by staying at the forefront of ever-changing manufacturing technology. We offer RFI gaskets to suit various applications, with groove-mounted, surface-mounted, and honeycomb filter configurations available. Contact us and we will help you find the gasket that suits your requirements.

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Spira Manufacturing Corp. $$$
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What are Viton Gaskets?

Viton gaskets are produced from high-performance fluoroelastomers with excellent heat resistance.

Fluoroelastomers are synthetic rubber compounds with a fluorine content greater than 66 percent and chemical and heat resistance.

Viton was first introduced in 1957 as a material for use in the aircraft industry. These rubber gaskets can withstand temperatures ranging from 15 °F to 400 °F (-9.4 °C to 204.4 °C) and are ideal for applications that occasionally reach 500°F (260 °C).

Viton Gasket

How Viton Gaskets are Made

Viton gaskets are made using the die-cutting method or the waterjet cutting method.

Waterjet Cutting of Viton Gaskets

Waterjet cutting is an accelerated erosion process. A ruby or diamond nozzle fires highly pressurized water into a mixing chamber. This pressure creates a vacuum, which draws garnet sand into the stream, where it is shot towards the material to be cut.

Sand particles eat away at the material, causing erosion to occur at such a high rate that it is referred to as cutting. The Viton gasket material is cut into the desired design and shape using the pressurized cutting tool.

Water Jet Cutting Head

Die-Cutting of Viton Gasket

Die-cutting is a fabrication technique that involves cutting, shaping, and shearing stock material with specialized machinery and tools. Die cuts are used to make unique label shapes and designs. It all starts with a component known as a die.

A produced die is a metal tooling used to cut a certain form from a material. The Viton gasket material can be shaped and designed into the required outcome using the die as the cutting tool.

A die is a metal form with a sharp cutting edge pressed into a chosen card or fabric by the die-cutting machine, similar to a cookie cutter. Dies may be used repeatedly to create the same shape, each with the same dimensions, giving the creation an incredibly professional finish.

Types of Viton Gaskets

Viton polymers are divided into five groups. Viton is classified as Category A (Dipolymers of VF2/HFP) and is used for general-purpose sealing in the automotive and aerospace industries.

The chemical industry and power utility seals and gaskets usually use Category B (Terpolymers of VF2/HFP/TFE).

Category F Viton (Terpolymers of VF2/HFP/TFE) is designed for inorganic acid, water, and steam applications.

TBR Viton (TFE/Propylene) is suitable for automotive applications where pH management is critical.

Category ETP (TFE/Propylene and Ethylene/TFE/PMVE copolymers) is employed in extreme situations like oil exploration and production.

While Viton was the first fluoroelastomer, other firms such as Solvay-Solexis and 3M, which offer Tecnoflon and Dyneon, have created and continue to develop similar materials. Each patented variation has the potential to be a good gasket material.

Applications of Viton Gaskets

  • Viton was first employed in the aerospace industry due to its fuel resistance and low burning qualities. Viton gaskets are now widely used in the automotive, fluid power, appliance, and chemical industries. Viton's use in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries has expanded since FDA-approved grades were introduced.
  • Viton gaskets are recommended for severe, high-temperature settings that commonly use lubricating and fuel oils, hydraulic oil, gasoline, kerosene, vegetable oils, alcohols, and diluted acids. Heat and intake manifold gaskets, siphon and gasoline hoses, and quick-connect O-rings are all examples of sealing applications. Fuel seals, T-seals, cap seals, and radial lip seals in pumps also employ Viton.

Viton is designed to perform consistently at high temperatures. It can withstand temperatures of up to 392 °F (200 °C) without degrading, and its resistance to chemical-induced corrosion makes it excellent for use in gasoline lines and other hoses and tubes used for chemical transmission.

As engineers became aware of these properties, Viton's use spread outside the aerospace industry to include chemical processing, diving equipment, and medical device engineering.

Viton has been used to fabricate fuel lines, O-rings, bushings, and gaskets in the automobile industry, where it has found the most uses. Viton works effectively as an automobile component because of its compatibility with hydrocarbons.

However, Viton and other fluoroelastomers don't come without flaws. For example, the Challenger space shuttle explosion in 1986 proved its poor performance in freezing temperatures when a fuel system O-ring broke, leading the spacecraft to explode shortly after departure.

Because Viton and other fluoroelastomers are used in many industries, and because their functioning can affect end-user safety, gaskets, O-rings, and other Viton products are carefully classed and regulated.

Viton O-Rings

Choosing the Proper Viton® Gasket Supplier

To ensure you have the most beneficial outcome when purchasing Viton® gaskets from a Viton® gasket supplier, it is important to compare several companies using our directory of Viton® gasket suppliers. Each Viton® gasket supplier has a business profile page highlighting their areas of experience and capabilities, along with a contact form to directly communicate with the supplier for more information or request a quote. Review each Viton® gasket business website using our proprietary website previewer to quickly learn what each company specializes in. Then, use our simple RFQ form to contact multiple Viton® gasket businesses with the same form.

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